What is Employee Engagement & Satisfaction and Why Does It Matter?

What is Employee Engagement&Satisfaction? The Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey is an important tool that measures how committed employees are to the organization and how satisfied they are with the organization’s practices. However, there is also an important difference between employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Not every satisfied employee may be affiliated with the organization, […]

Who is Super Hero of the New Era in Companies?

The year 2020 was the year of great changes for both individuals and institutions. After a heavy pandemic process, I think it is time to retreat in the summer months a bit and make an evaluation. We are all aware that, we are living the most important period of the century we are in. While […]

How to Plan Post-COVID at Work?

As we are approaching the post-COVID environment, one major question arises; How will we plan ‘back to work’ safely? The whole management of different size businesses from various sectors now try to find the best ways to keep employees safe and find a suitable new organisational design. Various concerns persist on how to manage the […]

Employee Experience

Every year has the potential to be the most prime year for employee experience. That Is why the focus of HR should shift towards an employee-centric approach because what Is on the inside, within a business, Is reflected to the outside success with consumers. So what is the employee experience? The employee experience Is equivalent […]