Most Frequently Asked Engagement and Satisfaction Survey Questions in New Generation Companies

The most important, even the first step, when preparing an employee satisfaction and engagement survey is the measurement and writing of questions that can represent each dimension in our company. In fact, since each of these stages is a matter of expertise and directly affects the measurement results, it is of great importance to work with an expert in the design of the employee engagement and satisfaction survey or to use this know-how as a reliable source.

In what dimensions does employee satisfaction and engagement surveys examine the organization?

If you want to make an end-to-end analysis of your organization and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, you can design a questionnaire in 18 dimensions as mentioned below. However, especially if you want to monitor the results of the actions you take or to gain a deeper insight about the problem, you can focus on a few selected special dimensions and design a special survey for these dimensions.

  • Physical conditions
  • Work efficiency
  • Climate
  • Happiness
  • Job satisfaction
  • Fee
  • Career
  • Performance management
  • First manager
  • Institution management
  • Corporate brand image
  • Internal communication
  • Innovation
  • Rewarding and appreciation
  • Satisfaction
  • Development opportunities
  • Commitment
  • Motivation

Question selection

When designing the employee satisfaction and engagement questionnaire, after selecting the dimensions we want to get insights from, we should choose highly representative questions about each dimension that can provide us with sufficient confidence and detailed insight. We should create the language of these questions without any doubt, with a language that will not make the respondents in an indecisive situation. Below you can see examples of highly representative employee satisfaction and loyalty survey questions on some key dimensions.

Physical Conditions

– Additional materials that I need to do the job better are provided.

– There is a working environment in my company where job security is ensured.

– The temperature and ventilation of the working environment are suitable for my work.

– The cleaning done in my company meets my expectations.

First Manager

– I am satisfied with my manager’s management approach.

– My manager clearly conveys his expectations.

– My manager guides me to advance in my career.

– My manager motivates me to do the best I can.

Corporate Brand Image

– I think my company has a strong corporate image.

– My company is able to compete with other companies in the industry.

– I see myself as a valuable employee in the company I work for.

– Equal policies are applied to the employees in my company, no discrimination is made.

– My company makes new investments in line with technological developments.


– The pricing system in my company is reasonable.

– I am satisfied with my salary compared to those who work in similar jobs in the same industry.

– The fringe benefits provided to me are satisfactory.

– I know and understand the wage system of the company I work for.

Internal communication

– I am satisfied with the information flow in my company.

– I am satisfied with the communication with other departments.

– Open communication and feedback are encouraged in my company.

– It is easy to communicate with management levels.

Rewarding and Appreciation

– Success is noticed and rewarded in my company.

– The criteria for awarding awards and bonuses given in our company are clear.

– I am appreciated when I do my job well.

– The awards given for the contribution provided are sufficient.


– The things I have make me happy.

– I am generally satisfied with my life.

– The stress I experience at work does not affect my relationship with those around me.


– I am satisfied with the implementation of the innovations in my company.

– There is an environment in my company where I can easily voice my suggestions.

– My company encourages employees to be innovative.

Business Efficiency

– The way things are done in my company allows me to work efficiently.

– I have the power to make decisions on my own in order to fulfill my responsibilities.

– The tools and possibilities I have allow me to work productively.

– The decision-making process in my company is fast enough.

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